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The Leo Forum

The official on-line discussion group of the Leonberger Club of Ontario.  The Leo Forum provides a place for discussion with owners, breeders and fanciers alike.  Whether your interest is in Leos as companions, or in the areas of training, showing, breeding, health issues, or anything and everything else associated with the breed, this is the place to find help, advice and contacts, as well as share information, experiences, opinions and friendships.  List members are primarily from the LCO and Canada, but we always welcome our Leonberger friends from around the world.  To join, click on the following link  leo_forum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com




Leo Rescue Canada


Is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the rescue, care and placement of lost, surrendered and homeless Leonbergers.




Leonberger Club of Canada

Member of the International Leonberger Union

The national club for Leonberger Owners, Breeders and Fanciers.




Canadian Kennel Club  ( CKC )




International Leonberger Union  (ILU)




Leonberger Club of America  (LCA)







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Leonberger Club of Ontario

Leonberger Club of Ontario