Leonbergers At Work

With their large powerful bodies, Leonbergers are classified by the F.C.I.* as working dogs.  What sets them apart from other dogs in this class, however, is their lack of specialization for any specific working task. Moreover, since they were selectively bred for the balanced temperament of a family pet, Leonbergers are equally at home taking part in mundane family activities as they are at performing tasks that involve great strength coupled with gentleness.  With that in mind, and to help illustrate their versatility, this section is dedicated to the diverse capabilities of this magnificent breed.

* The Federation Cynologique Internationale is the World Canine Organization

Lelionaz Ursus Ponica Fantastica  ("Panta") and

Skjaergaardens Diamond to Lelionaz  ("DD")


Click on the links to learn about all the different things that you can do with your Leo :



Drafting / Carting


Musical Freestyle

Search and Rescue  ( SAR Training )







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Leonberger Club of Ontario

Leonberger Club of Ontario