Are You Ready for a Leonberger ?

Getting a Leonberger, or any dog for that matter, should not be an impulsive action.  Shelters and Rescue groups are full to bursting with dogs that were bought for the following wrong reasons :

  • Your children want one.  Although a wonderful sentiment, understand that young children are just not responsible enough to take care of a puppy or dog, and older children usually have very full social lives and will soon be out on their own in the world or going away to college or university.  This means that it is the parents who will initially and always bear the responsibility for feeding, grooming, training and cleaning up after the puppy, so only buy or adopt a Leonberger because YOU want it.

  • You are in the midst of an emotional upheaval, such as a divorce, and you want a companion to help ease the pain.  You need to stop and consider that once things settle down and your life returns to some sense of normalcy, you may not have time to take care of a dog, so wait until the dust has settled and then decide whether you want one.

  • You are giving it as a gift.  NEVER give an animal as a gift to someone without previously discussing it with the potential owner to make sure the dog is something he/she wants.


Dogs are living creatures with needs very similar to our own :  food, shelter, love, and family.  Give owning a dog as much thought as you would to having a baby or buying a house.  For this reason, we have put together a little quiz to give you an idea of the reality of sharing your life with a Leonberger.


Throughout the quiz, as you read through the information, please understand that not all Leonbergers are exactly alike, but all are somewhat similar in their characteristics because they share certain traits that are common to the breed.  When thinking about your answers, please remember that a Leonberger may live with you for at least 8 - 10 years or longer so you want to be absolutely certain this is a breed you will be happy to share your life with.


For each question, click on the “ YES ”  or  “ Next Question ” icon if you think, based on the information provided, that you could live with a dog like a Leo.  You will then be given more information to help you make up your mind as to whether this is the perfect breed for you. 

If at any time you find after reading through the information provided that you don’t think you could possibly live with a dog like the one described, click on the “ No Way ”  or  “ End Quiz Now " icon. 


Please understand that there are no right or wrong answers, only truthful ones.  It’s better to answer honestly and find out now whether a Leonberger is a good fit for you and your lifestyle, rather than regret your choice after you’ve taken one home.



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You said " NO WAY " to the quiz.   If now is not a good time to do the quiz, please come back to our site another time and take another look. 

If, based on what you have already read, you are starting to wonder if a Leonberger is the right dog for you, please click on this link to look at other breeds at the CKC Site.  It will help you continue your search for the ideal dog for you and your family.




Leonberger Club of Ontario

Leonberger Club of Ontario