Welcome to the Leonberger Club of Ontario

The Leonberger Club of Ontario was established in 2002 by a small group of dedicated Leonberger lovers, and since that time the Club has grown to embrace members from all over the province of Ontario and beyond.

Because part of our mission is to help educate people about Leonbergers or ‘Leos’ as they are affectionately called, this website has been designed as a resource not only for our club members, but also for anyone interested in this magnificent breed.  Whether your interests lay in showing and/or breeding Leonbergers, working with, or just plain having fun with your dog, you will find that the Leonberger Club of Ontario offers something for everyone.

Please take your time to browse through the site and stop by as often as you like.  In fact, please be sure to bookmark this site as one of your favourites.  And why not send our site link to one, or all, of your friends by clicking here.   [ Email Site Link to Friends ]


Our Mission 

Our mission is to protect and advance the interests of the Leonberger breed through education and by promoting quality in breeding practices, as well as by encouraging comraderie and sportsmanlike competition among members of the Leonberger community.





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Leonberger Club of Ontario

Leonberger Club of Ontario