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LCO All Bread Hearding Instinct Test

held Sunday, October 16, 2016 at Baxter, Ontario



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Even with the weather less than ideal, participants for the LCO All Breed Herding Instinct Test on October 16 in Baxter, ON attended from far and wide....Woodstock, Cobourg, Port Hope, Minden, Etobicoke, and Mississauga were a few that travelled quite a distance. It was a late start following thunder, lightning and heavy downpours. The regular paddock that would normally be used was flooded and dangerous to animals and humans alike. The smaller enclosure worked well for the day and all 25 entrants had their turn. We even finished on time, thanks to evaluator Sue Jewell who kept things moving right along.

Some of the breeds are not typically from the herding groups, but did a great job. All but 4 dogs who tried the test received passing scores and a certificate.

Very pleased that there were 4 Leos who entered this year. All did extremely well and all passed with flying colours. Congratulations to owners, handlers and their dogs:

Iivi Sillaste with High Alps Hello Cully, HIC (Cully)

Bev Grove with Lewenhart’s Kevin, HIC (Kevin)

Laura Gibson with Kamenah Everybody’s Talkin Bout Theo, HIC (Theo)

Sonya Birch with her young boy Alex Pod Moravskm Betlemen, HIC (Ozzy)




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