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held September 24, 2016 in Beeton, Ontario



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This year the Leonberger Club of Ontario Fun Day was held on September 24th at K-9 Country Inn in Beeton. In true Leo style, we started off the day with an energetic and enthusiastic playtime in a huge fenced in area, where old friends happily reconnected and new ones were quickly made. (Both the furry and unfurry kind).

The dogs and owners then received an introduction to barn hunt where the dogs were, one by one, introduced to the rat who was safely secured in a cage. Once the dogs had sniffed the rat, to understand what they would be looking for later, the rat was put in a secure tube along with some of its bedding, and hidden in the barn. There were 2 other tubes hidden as well, that only contained rat bedding. The dogs then went into the barn individually to look for the rat. All the dogs found the correct tube with the rat inside, much to the astonishment of some owners, who were convinced their dog would have no interest in finding a rat.

After all that excitement, it was time for lunch. Our grill master, Glenna Stephens, kept the burgers and hot dogs coming. There was a variety of homemade salads with something for everyone. Thank you Iivi Sillaste. For dessert, we enjoyed Janet Hanson’s homemade carrot cake, which was actually a birthday cake for Iivi! So delicious..

After lunch, it was time for the dogs to try dock diving. And, again, we had some pleasantly surprised owners who were convinced their leo wouldn’t care for dock diving. Some dogs jumped off the dock, others off the ramp, others were more than content to sit in the water on the end of the ramp.

One more frolic for the dogs in the fenced in area while we loaded up our vans and all too soon the day was over. There were sure some tired dogs going home that afternoon after a great day filled with adventure!




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